Harry Bookkeeping was a Canberra-based bookkeeping company, established in 2009. The company began with just one bookkeeper; owner Harry Hoang. The business grew quickly, requiring additional staff and eventually Harry expanded his services beyond bookkeeping. With the changes that expansion brought, Harry realised the business needed a name change along with a new visual identity.


There are hundreds of bookkeepers in the Canberra region, and standing out amongst such a large crowd in a relatively small area is key to transforming a small bookkeeping company into a thriving Canberra business. In an industry that is not generally known for strong brands, drawing attention to the Tailored Accounts brand was an essential component to giving this business the professional image to match their professional services.


  • Logo
  • Corporate Style Guide
  • Corporate identity suite: Business Cards, Letterhead, With Compliments
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Advertisements
  • Pull-up Banners
  • Office Signage
  • Website Landing Page

We have been using Hocking Creative for our graphic design work for few years. Jon started helping me with few projects on demand and gradually tooke over our whole branding for our business. I started my business as a sole trader with minimum budget so I did lot of graphics by myself including the old logo. However, when the time came we realized that we needed new branding to fit our new direction. We want to grow our small home based business into a corporation within 10 years. One day, I came to Jon and gave him a new business name and explained our new strategic plan. Jon used that as a trigger and created professional branding. Growing from a small business to where we are now, we have to admit that branding is playing an important role. We are now using his new branding work for 100% of our communications both internally and externally. Whenever I hand my business card to a new prospect, I do that with pride as I know that it is the best I have ever seen.

Harry Hoang

Executive Director, Tailored Accounts

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